Programming Leadership

Rise of the Resilient Manager with Lara Hogan

December 11, 2019

Are you a resilient manager? Do you want to become one? In this episode of Programming Leadership, Marcus and his guest, Lara Hogan discuss what it means to be a resilient manager. She will discuss some effective management skills and thought processes. She will also introduce us to the idea of the manager Voltron. 


Show Notes

  •  New manager care packages @1:00​
  • Becoming a manager is scary for different reasons for everybody. @5:10 
  • Management skills are the same across the board. @9:15
  • At every stage of management, you start over with the same new feelings, new fears, and lack of internal barometer of success. @12:06
  • It's okay to get comfortable and confident in what you know, but remember you're going to encounter new things. @14:01
  • Build out your manager crew of support, a manager Voltron. @15:19
  • Your Voltron should include people inside your company and people outside your company. @20:13
  • Manager dens- where you can experience coaching, mentoring, and a safe space, Vegas rules session. @23:57
  • Mentoring is sharing advice and perspective; coaching is helping someone come to their own conclusions. @25:56
  • Coaching is what helps people grow. @26:26
  • What are you optimizing for? @30:24
  • Resilient management has to do with making sure your bucket of energy is healthy. @35:01
  • When thinking about being cut out for management, it's about given the context, responsibility, and people you work with, does this work for you? @36:52
  • Showing is better than telling. @39:41



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